Pesticide Applicator Training

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Commercial (CPAT)

Pesticide applicator training helps reduce the harmful effects of improper pesticide use. The University of Missouri Extension Commercial Pesticide Program provides educational outreach for individuals who wish to become licensed commercial pesticide applicators. Licensed applicators must pass an exam and participate in continuing education courses on environmentally sound uses of pesticides. Read more ...

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Private (PPAT)

If you engage in the application of a restricted-use pesticide for the purposes of producing an agricultural commodity on property you or your employer owns, or rent without compensation other than trading of personal services between producers of agricultural commodities you are considered a private applicator. For more information on pesticide application requirements please refer to the Missouri Pesticide Use Act. The Private Pesticide Applicator Program reaches into each of Missouri's 114 counties to train farmers and landowners who produce an agricultural commodity on the safe and proper use of pesticides. Private applicator training is available through local extension offices. To view more info from your local extension office, choose a location from the dropdown list below.

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